Admission Registration - Delhi International School, Valanchery

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Academic Session

The academic year of the School starts from the 1st of April and ends on 31st March. It is divided into two terms as given below.

1st Term : April to September

2nd Term : October to March


Scheme of Studies


The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi under the 10+2 pattern and is recognized by the Presidency of Private Education, State of Qatar. The School follows the curriculum, syllabi and textbooks prescribed by the CBSE for all its Classes. Qualifying examinations are held at the end of class 10 and 12.

Medium of Instruction: English, which is also the first language taught at the School.
Second Languages: (any one from class 1 to 10) Arabic, French, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam.
Third Languages: (any one from Class 3 to 8) Arabic, French, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi.

Note: Indian student must offer Hindi either as second or third language.

KG classes adopt Montessori approach with emphasis on the improvement of speaking, reading and writing skills.

Montessori I
English (Phonetic), Mathematics, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, P. T. & Games.

Montessori II
English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Music, P. T. & Games.

Classes I & II
English, Second Language, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Art & Craft, Islamic Studies / Moral Science, Music, P. T. and Work Experience (Computer Science).

Classes III & IV
English, Second Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Third Language, Art & Craft, Islamic Studies / Moral Science, Music, P. T., Environmental Studies and Work Experience (Computer Science).

Classes V to VIII
English, Second Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Third Language Art, Islamic Studies / Moral Science, P. T., Music, Environmental Studies and Work Experience (Computer Science).

Classes IX & X
English, Second Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, Art, Physical Education, Environmental Studies and Work Experience (Computer Science).

Class XI - Science Stream
(Students seeking admission to Science Stream should have secured 65% marks in Maths & Science each and 60% marks in aggregate in the Class X public examination.) English, Physics, Chemistry + any two of the following: Informatics Practices, Mathematics, Biology, Engineering Drawing, Home Science (girls only).

Class XI - Commerce Stream
English, Business Studies, Accountancy + any two of the following: Economics, Informatics Practices, Mathematics, Home Science (girls only). Note: Participation in Work Experience, General Studies, Physical Education and Environmental Studies is compulsory for Classes XI & XII.


Office Hours


Regular Days - 9:00 a.m. to  4:30 p.m. 

During Ramadan - 9:00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Summer Vacation - 10:00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.


Admission Regulations

  • Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • There will be a written test for admission from classes I standard onwards.
  • Filling up of admission form, taking the Admission Test and attending interview do not guarantee admission in the School. Admission is purely at the discretion of the Wings in charge and the Principal.
  • Parents whose children are already studying in the School cannot claim admission for their younger wards as a matter of right.
  • Both the parents and the child must be present at the time of interview with copies of relevant documents.
  • Selection will be automatically cancelled if fee is not paid on the last date stipulated by the school and no reminders will be sent to parents in this regard.
  • Parents are to ensure that all the documents required for registration are obtained well in advance in order to avoid delay in admission. Submission of incomplete forms will not be accepted and admission will be cancelled.
  • Request for transfer of section and choice of class teacher by parents will not be entertained.
  • Parents are requested to adhere to the following age requirements as per the CBSE rules.

Classes : Age (as on 1st April of the respective academic year)

Montessori I : 3 Years Plus

Montessori II: 4 Years Plus

1st Grade : 5 Years Plus

2nd Grade : 6 Years Plus

3rd Grade : 7 Years Plus

4th Grade : 8 Years Plus

5th Grade : 9 Years Plus

6th Grade : 10 Years Plus

7th Grade : 11 Years Plus

8th Grade : 12 Years Plus

9th Grade : 13 Years

Plus 11th Grade : 15 Years Plus (The above-mentioned age stipulations shall not apply to children coming from other schools with valid certificates)


Admission Test


Admission test shall be conducted in the following subjects:

Montessori I : Oral test of the language ability of the child.

Montessori II : Written test of English alphabet (small and capital letters) and numbers.

I to IX : Written test in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

Class XI - Science Stream : Written test in English, Mathematics and Science.

Class XI - Commerce Stream : Written test in English, Mathematics and Social Science.


Provisional Admission


Provisional admission made on certain conditions will be cancelled if they are not fulfilled within one month. Fee paid for admission will not be refunded or adjusted in such cases.


Withdrawals / TC


The parents, who desire to withdraw their wards from the school, should fill in the application form for Transfer Certificate available in the office (Accounts Section). The document will be available within 7 working days of the submission of the application provided no dues of any kind are pending against the student.